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4 Best Tips to Overcome Self-Doubt

We all suffer from self-doubt sometimes. Doubt is part & parcel of the way our mind works. But we don’t have to let it get in the way of achieving our goals.

Maybe we’ve had a great idea for business, a yearning to travel, a new zest for getting fit or learning something new. It’s like a light coming on in our brains all of a sudden. “Yes, that’s it. That’s what I’m going to do,” we tell ourselves.

Then doubt creeps in. And we start to wonder about this, and that, and the other. And sometimes we give up before we’ve even begun.

So how do we set that crappy self-doubt aside when it threatens to stand in the way of our dreams?

1. Remember

Remember that none of the brilliant discoveries, products, and world records we take for granted today would have come about if all the amazing inventors, creators, and athletes had given into their own doubts.

They are people too. And if they can do it, so can you.

2. Discuss

Allowing doubts & worry to roll over and over in our heads will get us nowhere very fast. But talking things over with a trusted friend or a family member can provide fresh perspectives and encouragement.

If you're feeling confident after a discussion like this, use the positive feedback to move forward.

3. Solve

What if your doubt is still hanging around after you’ve discussed it with a friend or family member? Maybe the doubt is still there because there’s an obvious problem that needs to be addressed. It's that's the case, find a colleague or a professional in the field, talk to them about your doubts, and ask for their help to solve it.

Solving the problem will give you the clarity you need to proceed, or not.

4. Move

If you still can’t shake the doubt, step away and find something physical to do. Go for a walk, a jog, do some yoga, ride a bike or go for a swim. Some of the greatest minds in history, like Albert Einstein & Steve Jobs have talked about the benefits of engaging in some physical movement to let go of doubt and worry.

It’s true. Physical movement can reduce stress, banish doubt, and help us to create more clearly.


Now go smash those goals.


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