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8 Life Lessons to learn from Lockdown

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Within life’s greatest challenges are our greatest opportunities.

An irksome cliche? Absolutely. But all cliche's are a little irksome because there’s truth in them.

At the moment we’re being asked to do things very differently with a huge amount of uncertainty attached. And the truth is, we could freak out about these challenges or ... we can make the most of what we’ve been given.

Here are eight life lessons we can learn from COVID lockdown and our current global situation.

1. Accept what we cannot change

Thinking and worrying about what we can’t control is wasted energy. It’s more or less like fighting against reality. And it’s brutal on our mental health; creating feelings of frustration, depression and a feeling of weakness.

Learning to accept what we can’t control allows us to let go, and be free.

2. Focus on what you CAN control

Instead of trying to change what we can’t control, let's focus on what we can. And yes, it admittedly feels like we have little control these days, but we always have choice. Always. And even though making the choice to see the glass as half-full may seem like a small step, it will make ALL the difference in our ability to think clearer.

3. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and scared

Let’s give ourselves a small break here. These are uncharted waters we’re being asked to sail into; whether it’s home-schooling, working from home or keeping businesses afloat amidst a pandemic. And that can make us feel unprepared, overwhelmed and a maybe even a bit anxious … and that’s perfectly normal. Lets allow ourselves to feel that, without diving into it and swimming around in it.

Be brave, recognise that you are overwhelmed and scared, and keep moving forward, one step at a time.

4. Stay present

It’s very tempting for us to overthink what might happen sometime in the future. But that sort of 'imagining' (because its not real, if it hasn't happened yet) is a recipe for panic. Stay as present as you can.

And stay with what you know for certain: this, here, now.

5. Look after yourself, regularly.

In order to help those we love, we have to look after our own energy levels first. When we are personally feeling good, everyone wins; but when we’re not, no one does. So it’s vital that we take some time out to recharge regularly.

Me-time is not selfish. Me-time is looking after ourselves. And inevitably, those we love.

6. Helping others is helping ourselves

When our lives become about contributing to something bigger than us, they become more meaningful. Maybe it’s our family, maybe it’s our neighbours or maybe it’s our community. People who help others are not only happier, but healthier too.

7. Embrace change

This will change, that much is certain. When? We don’t know. But it will change, everything does. So hold tight. As we say in Ireland, “Head down, plow through.”

8. Today is a great day to be alive

Life is short. Be grateful for it, every day. Being grateful increases happiness and lessens stress. It reminds us of what is really important in life. And helps us to feel more content and experience more fulfilling relationships. Be grateful for your healthy body. Be grateful for the air that you breathe. Be grateful for your family. Be grateful for everything.

To live through tough times means we have to become more self-aware. More aware of stress levels, what thoughts and emotions are threatening to sink us and what we’re focusing on from minute to minute. All of this leads to making good choices.

Making the good choices will take practice, like any skill. But this skill will help us to find our way to being so internally calm that no external event will ever rock our peace.


Have yourself a great day.


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