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The Amazing Benefits of Morning Yoga

Updated: May 28, 2018

Imagine its 6:45am, at least thirty minutes before you actually have to get up in order to start your day in a timely fashion. And that warm cozy space under the blankets probably feels a lot more inviting than your Yoga mat … But … what if your Yoga mat held a gift for you ... Would you get up to go and get it?

Think of the gift as an opportunity to feel more happy and alive, to help you to lose those extra pounds you’ve been wanting to shed, to decrease stress levels so that pesky work colleague doesn’t annoy you so much during the day, with a chance to improve your overall health while you’re at it.

Forget the cozy blankets and think of it this way.

It’s important to move at the beginning of the day

Overnight, our muscles rest and while they’re not moving, layers of connective tissue and bodily fluid - fondly known as ‘fuzz’ - builds up between them. That urge to stretch we get upon waking up? Well, that is essentially an act of releasing the fuzzy build up found between our muscles. If we don’t move and stretch, then this layer continues to thicken and build up, causing stiffness, and common aches and pains. A few stretches like back bends, twists and sun salutations during a morning yoga class, and you can consider yourself de-fuzzed.

Improve your immune system, improve your health

Essentially, by moving in a way that feels good first thing in the morning, we are waking up all the body’s systems and encouraging them to work better. Through Yoga breathing we enhance the flow of blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body, thus improving our immune system and helping our bodies to fight illnesses and germs.

Boost your metabolism and lose the extra pounds

When circulation of the systems is boosted and the internal organs have been gently massaged by Yoga postures, the digestive system is far more efficient at releasing toxins and properly metabolising the vitamins and minerals from our foods. Giving our digestive system this sort of kickstart in the morning makes it easier for us to shed the unwanted pounds.

Be happier

Ask anyone you know who practices Yoga when they wake up, because its true. Morning yoga makes us happier. Giving yourself some ‘Me time’ in the mornings to wake up and practice Yoga will allow your nervous system to begin the day in a far more relaxed state. In fact, the mood boost received through a morning yoga practice is one of the most beneficial reasons to practice in the mornings. In a study conducted by the Yoga Biomedical Trust in London, 94% of participants with anxiety were significantly helped by practicing yoga regularly each morning, and 82% of those with insomnia reported valuable benefits too.

Improved focus & concentration throughout the day

Focusing early in the morning may not be something we’re all accustomed to, but it’s significantly beneficial for heightening our productivity and alertness throughout the rest of the day. If you find it difficult to concentrate at work or school, spend some time practicing breath awareness and a few mildly challenging Yoga postures in the morning, and your mind will have woken up in no time.

And most importantly, remember, you do not have to be fit, flexible, strong, skinny, vegan or any other stereotype to practice Yoga. All you have to do is be YOU and let your body do the rest. A Yoga practice is not about attaining the ability to perform impressive postures, it’s about finding your happy place beneath the bad habits, the chattering mind and the aching body.

As the saying goes “Start from where you are. Use what you have. And do what you can”.


Have yourself a great day

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