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Stay at Home Yoga

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

“They were the best of times; they were the worst of times.”

Feels a bit like that right now, in the midst of the COVID-19 quarantine, doesn’t it?

I mean, there are admittedly some a-mazing advantages to quarantine.

Spending more time together as a family has been my favorite part of lockdown. So much more time for chats with the little one. And our families in Ireland and Australia have more time to Facetime and play quizzes on House Party. The mini Olympics every afternoon have brought out sporting skills we never even knew we had. Baking has become part of school homework. Squashing into our bed all together in the mornings to read before we kick-start the day is a more than welcome change to the usually busy school mornings. We’ve even spring cleaned a room in the house every few days, gotten a few odd jobs done about the place, and best of all … there is way more time to do yoga and meditate.

Which really helps to get through the downsides.

We're worried about people dying, stressed about businesses are closing. Unemployment has risen over night. An economic recession is nigh. And the cortisol that courses through our bodies when we fret about how or when it will all end, tends to make us anxious in a way that could, in the long term, affect us on a physiological level, as well as psychologically if we allow it to continue.

We’re worried about family members, especially our elderly. The media and news can be frightening to the point of making us feel fear in a way that we have never felt before. And there is a lot more house-cleaning to be done!! (I live with two incredible, but seriously messy boys). And while the baking is awesome, I have developed a mild obsession for Banana Bread with chocolate chips, the results of which will not be pretty when I try to put my jeans back on when this is all over. .

It's all very challenging.

But we can find balance in a home yoga practice.

It needn’t be a long practice. Just a few minutes every day to breathe and stretch. Some conscious breathing will help the light to shine through the anxious thoughts. Some gentle stretching will shed the body of tension and tightness. Thereby improving the state of, not only your mind, your attitude, and your body, but your immune system too.

Self-care is what will bring us the balance both physiologically and psychologically, not only needed to deal with this situation, but to bring us out the other end of it, as better human beings.

To help, I’ve started posting free yoga videos on my, Youtube Channel Cabo Verde Wellness. Short videos that suit every level, including complete beginners. You can also follow me on Instagram @caboverdewellness for more wellness tips and motivation.

If you're starting a home yoga practice for the first time, you can always practice on the carpet, a rug, on the grass or a towel to begin with, but having your own yoga mat will help tremendously in moving your practice forward. This link provides some great research on the different types of mats that can be ordered online and delivered to your door (including organic mats)


Stay positive. And have yourself a great day!

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