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How One-on-One Yoga Lessons Can Help Everyone

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

In Cabo Verde, as well as my morning group classes, I give One-to-One Yoga lessons on the beach. And in my Online One-on-One Yoga Lessons, I work with clients all over the world. We connect on Skype, roll out our mats, and off we go.

So why do some people prefer One-on-One classes to group classes?

Well, essentially it comes down to a better understanding and increasing your confidence.

For example, when I first joined a group yoga class over seventeen years ago in Ireland, I remember struggling. I liked the stretching, it felt good, but besides that I was clueless as to what it was we were trying to achieve by contorting our bodies into all these funky positions. I never returned to that yoga class, and there were no other options in my area, so I more or less forgot about yoga.

Until a few months later, when we moved from Ireland to America, and while drinking a beer on the side-line of a rugby game, I met a yoga teacher from New Zealand (you keeping up?). Tazzi was her name. And after I’d told her about my one experience at a yoga class, Tazzi agreed to give me four One-on-One yoga lessons in exchange for four home cooked dinners (because her oven was broken at the time).

Tazzi became a good friend, and ended up eating a lot more than four free dinners at our house (even after her oven was fixed), but those four One-on-One yoga lessons were exactly what I wanted, and needed, to set off confidently on my own yoga journey. And for that, I will be forever grateful to Tazzi.

There is something very special about the personal guidance and instruction during a One-on-One Yoga Lesson. The comfort of knowing that someone’s got your back, that they are leading you forward, one step at a time, allows you to relax and trust in your own movements in a far deeper way than in group classes. And from that place of relaxation and trust, we learn to find our foundation and move forward, both mentally and physically.

Here’s a few pointers of how One-on-One lessons might be helpful to you.

It’s A Made-to-Order Service

The great aspect of One-on-One Yoga Lessons is that you’re paying to get out of the class exactly what you need for that particular day.

So if you’re brand new to yoga and not sure where to begin, then that’s where we start from, the beginning. If you’ve got a tight back, sore knees, or neck and shoulder pain, then we do a class focusing on those. If you’re stressed about something, we work on breathing and mindfulness. If you’ve set a personal goal to master a certain pose, then we work on building toward it. If you have plateaued in your yoga practice and need help with ideas on how to move forward, then that is what we work on.

Perfect Timing

A lot of people will re-jiggle their schedules, get up earlier, or get home later in order to fit in a regular yoga class. And for some it’s easy to stick with it, but for others it becomes challenging to stay committed to a time that doesn’t really suit their lifestyle, meaning that within a short period of time, they give up going.

With One-on-One Lessons the timing is perfect for you, because you get to fit it into your personal schedule. Finding the right time to practice your yoga, along with the right teacher, and the right pace; makes it much so much easier to learn, to love, and to progress with yoga.

Learn How To Contort Your Body Into Some Funky Positions, Safely

Joining a group yoga class, with students at different levels, can cause some to perform yoga poses without proper alignment. If it’s difficult to see the instructor, for example, you might be inclined to simply follow what others are doing. And if the person next to you is doing the pose incorrectly, you might also have improper alignment, leaving yourself open to injury or pain.

During One-on-One Yoga Lessons, teachers have more time to show you and explain how to get into and out of asanas properly, as well as setting your foundation correctly, so you learn to know and understand how your body should feel in each pose, and how to take it further when you are ready.

Privacy To Share Your Personal Health History

In a group class, it can be difficult to approach the instructor with your health or injury history. And even if you do, he or she might not be able to help you modify poses throughout the entire class.

With One-on-One Yoga Lessons, teachers can take the time to talk with you about your lifestyle, any old or new injuries, or existing illnesses. This chat isn’t a lecture, or from a place of judgement, it’s just helpful to know if you haven’t exercised in ten years, for example, in order to modify poses and offer alternatives for you to feel comfortable in your stretching.

Boost Your Confidence

Let’s face it, if you’ve never done yoga before, or have just started, chances are you are not that flexible. And that is perfectly understandable. You can’t expect to walk onto a tennis court for the first time and play like a pro, and it’s the same with yoga. Increased flexibility comes with practice, and your enjoyment increases with knowledge.

During One-on-One Yoga Lessons, the teacher will encourage you to understand the mechanics of each of the poses, and how to listen to your own body. In as little as a few lessons you will feel yourself becoming more and more flexible, and in no time at all you’ll feel ready to join any group yoga classes, wherever you are in the world, with confidence and an understanding of what your own body is capable of.

If you’re interested in progressing your yoga through personal guidance from a certified yoga teacher, either online or in Cabo Verde ,contact me on any of the following, and together we can set up a time that suits you.

WhatsApp: +2389348814

Facebook Page: Yoga For Everyone (CV)


Have yourself a great day :)

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