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Yoga near the ocean is even better for you

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Practicing Yoga in any setting will improve your physical and mental health on a number of different levels, and it can be an excellent way of reducing stress and releasing tension. But recent studies have shown that we get even more benefit from our Yoga practice by doing it near the ocean.

It’s almost too obvious, but the health and neurological benefits of Yoga by the ocean are actually very real.

Our affinity for water is even reflected in the near-universal attraction to the colour blue. Did you know that we are naturally drawn to aquatic hues, and that the colour blue is overwhelmingly chosen as the favourite colour of people around the world?

Mainly because people tend to associate it with qualities like calm, openness, depth and wisdom.

Over the last few years I've taught Yoga indoors as well as outdoors. And there is definitely a difference.

Being outside, near the ocean, while practicing Yoga gives me more of a mental boost than practicing indoors. There is of course the 'fresh air' factor which hugely benefits our respiratory system. But as well as that, many people who have attended my Good Morning Yoga classes with an ocean view from the deck at Angulo in Sal, have felt that being in the presence of water benefits their mental well-being in a different way, than when we practice indoors.

"Love love love my yoga sessions with Karen on the beach. Couldn’t have a better start to my day. Would totally recommend it." Sue, UK

Come see for yourself. Treat yourself to a Good Morning Yoga class on an open air deck with an ocean view, and see if you can feel the difference.


Have yourself a great day.

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