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How to practice Cat/Cow Pose

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Come to all fours on the floor with a flat back in a “table-top” position. (Imagine your back is the top of the table, and your arms and legs are the four legs of the table). With your shoulders lined up over the wrists and hips over the knees, start to place weight evenly through the hands and legs.

Check that your hands are flat and splay your fingers out like starfish, then turn the inside elbow creases to face forward (as if you were opening a jar but maintaining the flat hands on the floor). Allow the feet to rest against the floor (shoelace side down), keeping the legs parallel with weight distributed through the shins.

Starting with a neutral flat spine at table-top position, take a deep inhale and drop your belly toward the floor, while lifting through the chest and tilting the tailbone toward the sky. Look forward with a long neck and the chin slightly raised, feeling a stretch through the front of the body.

For Cat Stretch, exhale while you pull the belly button in and up toward the spine and continue that lift through your chest as you round the back (like a cat stretching), allowing the head to fall and the chin to rest on the chest, feeling the stretch through the back of the body.

Inhaling up to Cow, and exhaling to Cat, flow slowly through the movement and complete as many rounds as feels good for you. (Note: It is best to avoid bending the arms at the elbows so the movement is localized to the spine.)

Any questions, leave a comment below.


Have yourself a great day. :)

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