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Our motto here in Cabo Verde is 'No Stress', and that's exactly how we want you to feel.

No Stress!

While you're here, we provide Group Yoga Classes, Yoga Retreats, Private Yoga Therapy Sessions, and Wellness Workshops to help you find your happy place.  

When you leave, (or even if you've never been here at all) we provide Free Yoga Videos, and Private Online Yoga Classes to maintain that lovely life balance. 

Please use the Contact details below to connect and inquire. 


Group Yoga Classes
with Ocean View 

Yoga Classes
Morning Yoga at Hotel Odjo D'agua Cape Verde .jpg

Winter Schedule

Mid October - Mid April

5 Classes Per Week

Monday to Friday 

Good Morning Yoga 

08:00 - 09.00

@ Hotel Odjo D'agua

On the Infinity Pool Deck

Summer Schedule 

Mid April - July

2 Classes Per Week 

Tuesday & Thursday 

08:00 - 09:00

Good Morning Yoga 

@ Hotel Odjo Dagua

On the Infinity Pool Deck


Classes are outdoors

on our Ocean View Yoga Deck

 & suitable for all levels

Price: €15 per person 

Sanitized Mats provided

(Or bring your own) 

Private Yoga Sessions &
Wellness Workshops 

One on One Yoga & Fitness Classes with C

Wellness Workshops

1 Hour Personal Workshop €50

Tips & Tools 

To boost your wellness

Trust your instincts

Increase happiness

Become more resourceful 

And overcome life's challenges


Private Yoga Session

 I Hour Private Yoga Session - €50

Perfect to introduce beginners to yoga.

To learn more about the concept of yoga, breathwork and meditation. 

Or to deepen your knowledge of certain yoga poses.

Yoga Therapy 

1 Hour Yoga Therapy Session - €50

Yoga can be adapted to suit each and every body, no matter the health challenges.

Learn how yoga can help your personal therapeutic requirements with a yoga therapy session.  

Yoga Retreats


Going Within

7 Day Yoga Retreat

at Hotel Odjo D'agua 

May 13-20th, 2024

Awaken & Connect

7 Day Yoga Retreat

at Hotel Odjo D'agua

October 23-30th

For more details contact us directly using the contact details below.  

Custom Yoga & Wellness Retreats

Just For You 

Or For Groups


If you're coming to Sal and it doesn't fit with our scheduled retreat dates, we can organize a customized retreat, just for you,

including daily yoga classes, wellness workshops, and rejuvenating massage.


(For this option, we will happily advise on accommodation, but ultimately it is booked by you)


Your Host






 is a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist, Wellness Writer & Accredited Wellness Coach. 


Karen believes that living a balanced life, which includes yoga, wellness, and a realistic smattering of indulgences, can make a huge difference to your health, joy, confidence, and overall happiness. 

Originally from Ireland (still got the lilt), she spent over a decade traveling the world, before settling in Sal 18 years ago when she and her husband fell for the island's 'No Stress' lifestyle. 

Their life here is what inspired Karen to create Cabo Verde Wellness.

Because holidays, just like life, should be full of balance, joy, new experiences, good people and great energy. 

Your Host

Free YouTube Videos

Take my way of teaching with you when you leave and practice yoga anywhere with my Free Yoga Videos on YouTube. 



For Inquiries & Bookings:

please message me via one of the following:



WhatsApp: +238 9348814

Facebook: Cabo Verde Wellness 

Instagram: @caboverdewellness

YouTube: Cabo Verde Wellness


“Can’t think of a better way to start the day than Karen’s good morning yoga classes. You leave class with a happy body ready for a new day in paradise. Even my husband loved it!" 

Jill, Switzerland

"Loved doing Karen’s Yoga classes, such a beautiful setting and excellent teacher. What more could you wish for doing your Yoga practice overlooking a beautiful beach and sea. Can’t wait to go again, perfect."

Lorraine, UK 

"Karen is personable, non-judgmental and compassionate. Her coaching analogies make so much sense, and her tools helped me to process, let go and make a plan to move on with life. Thank you Karen." 

Anka, Sweden

Thank you for the amazing retreat we shared a couple of weeks ago. As I mentioned as I was leaving, in the short time I spent with you I learned so much. In the intervening few days and weeks, it seems that the learning has deepened. I have a very different sense of what my core actually means and what it does. It’s only taken me my whole life to realize what it means in my own body when people say that the core is what stabilizes the legs. 😅  Johann, USA

Such a great way to start the holiday! Karen’s classes are wonderfully energising and relaxing. She helped me tap into a much needed self love in a just a few classes, I’ve come home with new found love for myself and yoga. Many thanks Karen xxx

Natalie, UK

I highly recommend doing yoga with Karen. She was amazing guiding me to start yoga and meditation. I did both private sessions as well as classes and both was amazing. Karen really makes you feel safe and comfortable in her yoga sessions as a beginner. And during class Karen have no problems getting you to feel included with both beginners and more experienced participants.

Jenny, Sweden

I did two Yoga Therapy sessions with Karen while in Sal after I hurt my knee kite surfing, and months later, I still use the knee rehabilitation stretches she taught me. She's so knowledgeable about the body! I highly recommend her private sessions.

Ian, Wales

 Great holiday, but the cherry on the cake was the yoga classes I did with Karen - amazing yoga class, with the most amazing view and yoga teacher. Thank you Karen for making me feel so wlecome! 

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